I‘m really learning to live in the moment, with the understanding that, as God’s child, God has a great plan! I am not foolish enough to believe that that plan would not involve pain and discomfort at times but I am assured that overwhelming victory is mine in Christ Jesus.

I always look back on the years and the things that caused me to worry and become anxious, in spite of the fact that I had prayed and asked Jesus to intervene in situations. As I cause myself to remember and reflect, I must note that every situation was resolved, every bill was paid…not always on time, but I was never put to shame!

When my daughter almost died when I was giving birth, He was there.

My sister experienced the greatest healing possible as she is now with Christ. Every board meeting He gave me the wisdom, every relationship issue He gave me the solution once I was willing to die and allow myself to do things His way.

If God was there always working it out, why would He not be here now?

So you know what, I’m going to live in the present, preparing for tomorrow but not worried about tomorrow, because God has a plan! Blessings!

Image Credit: Shutterstock Minerva studio