Sometimes life can hit you so hard that you can give up on the now and be resigned to only hope for forever. However, impossible dreams become possible in the hands of the God who makes all things possible. The Bible is filled with men who walked with God and saw His faithfulness in this life.

  • Abraham and Sarah believed for a child and when all seemed impossible God came through.
  • Jacob waited many years for his wife and hoped to be restored to his family. God gave him more than he could have ever dreamed for.
  • Joseph thought he had lost his family forever but God had a plan.

People, God is faithful.

What do all these people have in common?

They believed God and hoped against hope, through trials, storms, tragedy – they believed. They left this life fully satisfied in His faithfulness. Abraham holding Isaac in his arms, Jacob blessing his children in his old age – God is faithful.

Hey, does all seem lost? Do your dreams now seem an impossibility? Has everyone forsaken you? Perfect!

Now stand still and see the God of Miracles work on your behalf.

Trust Him to the end and you will leave this life SATISFIED with GOOD THINGS and RENEWED as if you are a YOUTH AGAIN. BLESSED and FAVOURED.

Now I say take the hand of Jesus with your broken, crippled self and watch Him do WONDERS! When you can’t do anything, there is still one thing that you can do – BELIEVE!

Image credit: Depositphoto