I will say to the prisoners, ‘Come out in freedom,’ and to those in darkness, ‘Come into the light.’ They will be my sheep, grazing in green pastures and on hills that were previously bare.” Isaiah 49:9

Maybe you have been living like a prisoner. Imprisoned by shame and guilt, living a double life. You often cry yourself to sleep at night. You have been hiding so long. You have learned to live in darkness.

I have good news for you. God does not love like men or women; He is love and loves you unconditionally.

You can come out of the darkness and step in His light.

Don’t be afraid, allow His light to shine on you. Every ray of His light will expose the darkness in your heart. Be not afraid, Love is here. God will show you His mercy and forgiveness. God will give you His power to overcome, He will give you His grace.

As His light shines on you, don’t be ashamed by what you see. He loves you with His everything whether you are good or bad. Step into the full rays of Heaven’s glory. You will realize that you have really been fighting the darkness, a demonic realm with fallen beings.
You will know God’s love and discover the secret to your power is His love.

His love was on display for all the world to see.

On the Cross, He stretch out His love for all to see. It is no longer a secret, it is fully revealed – Father, forgive them – It is Finished! – all is forgiven – all is paid!

There is no reason to hide or sit in darkness. Come out my friend and hold the hand of God. Let love heal you and take His authority in Jesus’ name and rebuke the darkness. You will know God’s voice and be His sheep. Don’t worry, the hills that were bare will blossom and you will be grazing in green pastures forever.

To those in darkness, saddened, broken, addicted and shamed – shew yourselves – great joy awaits you.

To those who have sat in darkness so long that you are no longer sad or broken but you have grown to love the darkness.

Your light has become darkness and you live in great darkness.

Darkness is your joy. My friend, you are in great danger, danger of eternal darkness. Shake yourself, recover yourself speedily, you who dwell in darkness like light. You must repent. How do you repent?

My friend, take a deep look at the Cross. It is God there, dying for you and in your place. Sin is evil to the heights – the abuse, hate, murder of God yet He forgives. Study His every scar and wound – till you heart is broken again. May God grant you the brokenness of heart to come weeping with joy.

Image Credits: Alex Balinkie