Have you ever heard or believed a rumor about someone? I’m sure we all have, from big stories in Hollywood to your next door neighbor.

I remember in secondary school I believed a rumor, a lie about a young lady. Without getting into details, this lie would put anyone to shame. I was new there and she liked me. The person or people who made up that story didn’t want us to get too friendly. But I believed what they said; I felt real emotions of dislike and disgust whenever I saw her. She would walk by and I would just pass her straight and not even look at her in the eyes (sadly, I was a real jerk).

Later on in my school years, we ended up in the same class.

Slowly we started to speak with each other. I got to know her for myself and the stories that I had heard didn’t match up. So I asked her directly and wow did I believe in a lie; I was a complete fool for judging her wrongfully. I remember going home and crying that day because I couldn’t believe that I was such an idiot all this time to her. But more importantly, I’m sure she had heard those rumors about herself. She was being judged by me and others wrongfully; that had to hurt.

I wrote all of that to come to this point: we could all believe in lies in our hearts and as a result we act out what we believe. There is a strong spirit of homosexuality upon the world right now. Some people tend to believe that homosexuals are born that way, but I’m here to state, that isn’t the case. I know people personally who have been abused, who struggled with this spirit, and I understand it can be very difficult but the great news is that they overcame by the grace and love of Jesus.

You see, homosexuality is a lying demonic spirit; it tends to grip onto children’s minds at a very young age due to rape, incest or generational curses; it manifests as a voice in their mind. If you struggle with this issue due to any of the above, I want to let you know firstly, that it’s a lie from the devil, but even more importantly, Jesus loves you and wants to set you free.

You may really have emotions and hear thoughts in your mind towards the same gender. But does it mean it’s really you?

Just like I heard those lies about that girl, I treated her badly and felt a dislike emotionally towards her when she was around. While those emotions might have felt sincere to me, it was linked to lies; it was simply not the truth about her. If I got a prank call one day that my mother died, I would cry and call my sister immediately. In all of the emotions and pain, it could simply be a lie. Emotions and feelings don’t make something true, your Creator says what truth is. If you keep listening to the voice of homosexuality, what it says about you and how it makes you feel, you will live out its lies.

The way to be set free from a lie, is to discover the truth.

Just like I got to know the truth about the girl, even so Jesus said we would know the truth and it would set us free. That truth is an intimate expression between you and Jesus, the voice of truth.

It’s time to fill your mind and thoughts with the love of Christ. If you’re born a male, you’re a man, if you’re born a female you’re a woman, that’s who God made you to be. Even more than male and female, He called you to be His child. He wants to set you free from the lies of the devil and to bless your life. We all need Jesus. He can set you free so you can hold your own child in your loving arms, laugh and play with them. Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came to give you life more abundantly.

Let the devil of homosexuality know you are not who it says you are. Rebuke it from your mind and declare the truth. “I’m a child of the King, Jesus Christ who has washed me clean of my sins”. Confess your sins today and receive forgiveness and freedom from Jesus Christ, the only person who knows you and loves you. You can trust Him.

Image Credit: shutterstock/wavebreakmedia