Fortunately for me I was never bullied at school, nor have I ever bullied anyone…. Well, maybe just my little brother, until he became my big little brother that is. I have however witnessed many incidents of bullying and ashamedly stood by and did nothing. The onlookers are just as guilty as the bullies. Would any of you stand by and watch your son or daughter being bullied? Never! We love and care for our children so much that even the thought of someone pushing them around makes steam come out of your ears.

The onlooker is selfish and cowardly to say the least, and it is a major reason why bullying continues to plague the lives of many. I know what you are thinking, most of us stand by and do nothing in fear that we become victims ourselves, AKA “selfishness”. That thought would not even enter your mind if you were defending your loved one. Basic love for our fellow man can help put a stop to bullying.

As human beings we sit on our high horses and make accusations against God.

“If He’s so powerful why doesn’t He do this or that” or why can’t He stop this from happening. God has given us free will on this earth and He has also given us dominion over the earth and over powers and principalities, what we do with this power is our choice. Why not use your power of choice and defend the victims of bullying? Bullies have been able to run rampant because they see weakness not only in the victims but also the onlookers. Let us love not only in word but in deed also, do for that victim what you would like them to do for you if you were in their position.

Say no to bullying, don’t be an onlooker, take a stand and help stop bullying today.

Image Credit: shutterstock/Monkey Business Images