We all face situations where we need God, some situations we have alternatives but others we definitely need a miracle. There are situations where if God doesn’t come through, it’s all over. I wanted to give you some keys to manifesting your miracle in difficult situations.

1Believe that Jesus has qualified you to receive your miracle.

Unfortunately, many people think that when they are going through something difficult, that God is punishing them. However God as a Father corrects, never to destroy us but rather to restore us to Christ. (1 John 4:10)

2Remove the Satan factor.

Some preachers with a distorted understanding of the Finished Work of the Cross believe that Satan cannot affect us. However, if you sleep with someone with a sexual disease you just might get it. What you do can allow the kingdom of darkness to affect your life. Jesus teaches us how to totally remove Satan’s influences through forgiveness.

From your heart receive forgiveness and forgive others. (Ephesians 4:26-28, Mark 11:24-25)

3Believe that you already have enough faith.

If you were born again, then you have enough faith. We don’t need faith to fight sickness or poverty, we just need to believe that we are in Jesus. Jesus is whole and because we are in Him by faith we are healed. As you have received Christ so walk in Him. (Col 2:6)

4 Receive by Faith.

The word “receive” is the greek word “lambano” – it means “actively lay hold of to take” or “to claim as your own”. Receive doesn’t mean to sit back and let it fall from the air. It is just like when someone gives you something, you simply reach out and take it and call it “mine!”.

Reach out now and take your miracle!

5So that’s it – you got it! There is one more thing – No Wavering!

The number 1 reason why people miss the promises of God is wavering! It is not because God doesn’t give us but rather because we can’t receive while wavering.

Wavering happens when we focus on the problem and the promises of Christ at the same time. So we say in our hearts, “mine, not mine, mine, not mine”. We should try to be more like the seagulls in Nemo – mine mine mine mine mine!!! Keep your heart and mind focused on the promises of God until they manifest in your life. Do like the father of faith, Abraham and keep your eyes looking to the stars until your promise comes. Keep your eyes fixed on God’s promises. (Genesis 15:5-6, Romans 4:13-24)

All the promises of God in Him are “Yea” and in Him “Amen”. We only need believe that we are “in Him”!

Image Credit: shutterstock/2jenn