LOVE in a marriage or friendship that can only hold the relationship together in good times is not the type of love that God wants us to have. Many married couples feel ashamed or even condemned about some of the negative things that have happened in their relationships. In some relationships there have been verbal, physical, financial and even sexual abuse.

There has been unfaithfulness, neglect and mistrust.

While I do not condone any of these actions, and there may be a need for structured separation and counselling, I want to CONGRATULATE all the couples who in spite of these serious challenges and hurt have worked through the issues! I want to congratulate you for sticking it out through the tears, loneliness and broken hearts.

Loving a human being is risky.

You (husband & wife) were willing with God’s help and possibly the help of others to stay and learn to love in deeper ways. It shows that your love is strong.

Don’t look back with regret! Look back to thank God for bringing you through, look back and thank God for the lessons learned, look back and thank God for how you both have changed and look back to remind yourself that your hearts when placed in God’s hand can learn to love through pain. Your love is strong! God’s continued blessings on your marriages and friendships!

Image Credit: Shutterstock Andresr