Ministry Profile: Jesus Powered Living (formerly Spirit Powered Living)

Cedar Park, Texas is now home to a very unique and powerful ministry. Founded by Kirby & Tanisha Narine, Jesus Powered Living is connecting people with the Spirit of God, through the power of Jesus’ sacrifice and forgiveness. They help people receive freedom and remove evil spirits along with their works.

Their mission is to help people experience God’s Spirit as rivers of living waters. They desire to bring righteousness, peace and joy; to bring freedom and healing by God’s Spirit and promises, to overcome regret, guilt, and fear.

The City of Austin and environs is taking notice of this unique ministry as more and more testimonies to the glory of God are pouring in. Here is an example:

I walked in on my son who was in the act of committing suicide. I did not know what to do to prevent him from finishing what he started since it was already in him. I called a family member of mine who told me about a day when he was driving and God directed him to turn into a office complex and led him to this office with the words, “Spirit Powered Living” on it. He said since he knew God wanted him to be there, he shared his life with the person he met, and at the end of their meeting they prayed and he said God quickly and dramatically changed his life for the better. He suggested that I call them and set an appointment to have them meet with and pray for my son. I did this right away.

The first part of it was him speaking and teaching some things about what was going on behind the scenes – in the spiritual realm.

When it was time to pray and he started praying, my son stopped, smiled and said, I just felt God in me.

My son had just experience God’s Spirit and Love in Him. His desire to kill himself was gone. Not only that, but the guy prayed for blessing in the area of career and finances, and within about 2 weeks, he got not just one job offer, but three. Jesus is alive in people today! Seek Him today, not man-made religion -Concerned Mother

This is a truly unique ministry that is offering their services FREE of charge to the Austin community. They are reminding us that signs, wonders and miracles are possible in Jesus’s name.

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