What gives you the most security in your life? Is it your family and good upbringing? What about your sound education or the ability to comfortably provide for yourself? Perhaps it’s your faithful husband or wife?

All of these things are noble and hats off to you if you have been so blessed. Ask yourself these questions however, which one of these things cannot change? If they do change, what am I left with?

I’ve come to learn that life is full of uncertainties, and because of this I no longer put my trust in anything that varies.

I’ve also come to learn that there has been one constant in my life. One person that I’ve always been able to run to, I’ve never been rejected by Him, He has never hurt me or disappointed me, in fact, He’s everything that I need for this varying life and my eternal one beyond.

His name is Jesus Christ, The one true and living God, maker of the heavens and the earth. The One Who was, Who is and is to come!

He is my most faithful friend and father.

If Jesus is not the Rock that your life is built upon, you are standing on dangerous ground, and the rug can be pulled from under your feet. I encourage you today, to put your trust in Jesus Christ, follow His ways, do what He says and go where He leads you. He is the only constant!

Image Credit: shutterstock/Gornjak