A Gospel that only offers forgiveness is a weak Gospel. Christ has called us to offer FREEDOM. A Gospel that only offers mercy is a weak Gospel. Christ has come to give you GRACE (POWER) to overcome sin!

Do not buy into the FALSE GRACE teachings today. “I have sinned, thank God for GRACE!” Huh???? My friend, you are confusing MERCY and GRACE.

Mercy will make sure you don’t pay for your sins but GRACE will empower you not to sin.

Many come boldly to Jesus looking for MERCY but when you want to be FREE, you’ll come looking for GRACE.

It is sad that many Christians today are not FREE indeed.

Jesus said you will know the TRUTH and the truth will cause you to experience FREEDOM. You are free from sin when you don’t SIN!

JESUS told the Church to preach the REMISSION of sins. Have your sins gone into REMISSION or are you suffering from the full blown sin disease? Believe that you can go and SIN NO MORE! Give no place to the DEVIL in your life!

But..but…but…what if I sin….hahahahaha….do you plan for sickness? Do you plan for disease?…NO! You believe God for divine health….if you get sick Jesus will HEAL you….well if you sin, Jesus will FORGIVE YOU!