I grew up in a Mormon family. When I was younger, it was easy to believe what I was taught. That’s the beautiful thing about being a child. When you are taught something, you just believe it and go along with it, no questions asked.

I honestly do not remember the age that I started falling away from church. It was more of a long process. I hated going to church on Sunday mornings because it was so boring. I would lean on my mom’s shoulder and go to sleep, and just hope that she or my dad would not notice and wake me up.

Then, I would go to my Sunday School classes. But, these classes were not like the regular Sunday School classes that everyone else had. My class taught The Book of Mormon. Over time I started to hate it. I hated church and I did not want to listen to anything about the Mormon religion, because it had been shoved down my throat for such a long time.

Everything that I liked contradicted what the Mormons believed.

I could not even have coffee, because it was ‘bad for you’ and the Mormon church does not believe that it’s okay to drink coffee. So I started making up excuses as to why I couldn’t go to church, and eventually I just lost faith all together, because I hated going to church so much.

When I was 16, I met a guy who was a Christian. He began to explain to me that religion isn’t the answer to going to Heaven. He explained that God doesn’t want religion, but He wants a relationship.

This was crazy to me. I had never really heard anything like it before in my life.

He told me to come to the House of Prayer with him. This was a worship service that he led every Tuesday night.

This guy wasn’t just a guy to me. I liked him a lot and thought that he was extremely attractive, so of course, I agreed to go. After the service, he and the other musician prayed for me, and I started crying instantly.

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Freedom in Christ

I started to go to the House of Prayer regularly, and eventually started going to a nondenominational church that he went to as well. Over time, this boy and I had an unstoppable relationship. I eventually began singing at the House of Prayer, and my faith was amazing. The other musician even told me that he had never seen someone breakthrough like me.

The boy that I was dating eventually moved away to go to the International House of Prayer University. We kept our relationship, even though he lived half way across the country. Everything was fine, minus a few fights that overtook our relationship. Then, we broke up, and I felt like I was left stranded.

Words can’t describe how alone I felt.

Later when I found out that he was with another girl, I couldn’t even bring myself to want to date again. I didn’t understand why it was happening, when we were so in love, and we both believed in God so strongly. I was even moving out to Kansas City that fall in order to go to school and also be there with him.

When we broke up, my life started falling apart. I started resorting to smoking weed to get rid of my pain instead of trusting in the Lord. Then, a woman that I did not even know gave me advice. She told me that it sounded like God took us apart because I was clinging to his cross instead of building my own. After I heard that, I knew that everything was going to be okay. Jesus loved me. He died on a cross for me. He saw that the boy in my life wasn’t necessarily the best thing for me, because I needed to focus on building a relationship with Him instead of building my relationship with my boyfriend.

Even though I fell away from God for a few weeks and made decisions that I shouldn’t have made, He still broke through to my heart, and now I am even stronger. It’s amazing!

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