I have no tattoos on my body and I don’t desire any. God has already marked my life with His name, He says, “I will write upon him my new name.” (Rev 3:12). Jesus told his disciples, “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63). So what is God’s desire concerning tattoos on your body?

I would tell my daughter, you are so beautiful, your skin is so beautiful, why would you want to put a permanent mark on it?

God is more concerned with our spirits and our hearts. Our flesh is just an earth suit that allows us to interact with this natural world. However, our flesh is often a reflection/expression of our hearts. Jesus said if you clean the inside, the outside will be clean also. So the big question is – Why do you want a tattoo? What is your heart motive?

Often tattoos are rooted in an identity issue and the way we see ourselves.

If my daughter says “to look cool, daddy”. I would tell her “why do you believe that you are not cool now? To look cool in whose eyes? Daughter, you are pretty cool in my eyes and God’s eyes. You’re as cool as it gets….” Looking cool in the world’s eyes can be a dangerous road to travel.

Of course, like most teeny boppers the response would probably be: “No reason, I just want one.”

Listen people, there is always a reason – what is your heart’s motive? Our hearts can be very complicated and I cannot assume to know why someone is doing something. You can even tattoo something godly (just to have a tattoo) with a heart motive to identify with the world.

Satan often uses tattoo artists to transfer spirits and to imprint his identity on people.

So people may tattoo “death”, “lustful images”, “Dragon”, “skull”, etc. Due to the permanent nature of the tattoo it creates an impression in the person’s mind and heart that this is a permanent adjustment to their identity.

However, this is not true, the real you is not the flesh, but the spirit. There are many people with demonic tattoos who serve God, preach the Gospel and cast out devils. Their hearts have been changed and they are new creatures in Christ. To the degree that they believe this to be true, the tattoo has no effect on them or their ministry to Christ. Hey, lipstick and make-up could be a form of marking, just it is not permanent but people wear them so much, what’s the difference?

The motive is the difference. Always remember, we are heart people with heart motives.

There was a guy in the Bible who came to church to give what would be millions to the Gospel and to care for God’s people. However, his act of giving got him and his wife killed. Satan had filled their hearts. Even though they did something good, Satan had filled their hearts. What they did was good but their motive was demonic. You can also do the wrong thing with the right motive. Knowledge and understanding of God’s will allows us to do the right thing with the right motive. This allows the word of God to be made flesh or manifest. For example: You can dress to seduce men or to glorify God.

Life is in the living and is not a game. If you have tattooed on your body “I AM A LOSER“, every time you go to the mirror you will see those words. Well, it would be a battle to reject those words and live as a winner. The tattoo itself means nothing but it is the heart’s belief of who you are in Christ. I certainly would not want loser tattooed on me or lust or death etc.

Following that, the next questions would be: Ok then, what if I wanted to tattoo – I AM A WINNER? Listen, it takes a sincere person to examine their hearts and not argue to prove a point. There are literally a million ways to go to Hell and they are all linked to a deceived heart that rejects the Gospel. Always search deeply and sincerely for the “whys” of life.

I would ask – Why do you want to tattoo, “I am a winner”? Do you think that this will make you are winner?

Do you think something on your flesh can make you into something? Can’t you just believe God in your heart? Do you plan on standing in front of the mirror all day? Is the tattoo to be seen by you or by others?

Again, so back to the big question – why do you want a tattoo? what is the reason? What heart motive are you trying to make permanent in the flesh?

Finally, I would say to my daughter – No you cannot go get a tattoo!

Do you understand why I would say “No!”? Her response afterwards would reveal her heart. If she says, “Ok daddy, if you say so” – then she has showed through her obedience a desire to please her daddy and walk in relationship as a daughter. However, if she says, “I don’t care what you say, you don’t make sense, I see nothing wrong with it and I am going to get it”, then the root motive will be revealed: rebellion and worldliness.

What if you already have a tattoo and it is ungodly – do you have to remove it?

Hey, it is up to you – is it bothering you? I can understand if you say it is but it might be hard to remove. However in God’s eyes, He sees you as covered by the Blood of Jesus and the Robe of Righteousness. God sees you without spot or blemish.

In the end, I would tell my daughter I wouldn’t want you to be tattooed because you are beautiful the way you are.

I would also tell her that I just wanted to see her heart and make sure that she is not tattooing an expression of unbelief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe if she fully understands the Gospel she will not tattoo herself. However, once our hearts are free from sin, the flesh doesn’t matter and hence a tattoo doesn’t matter.

Can God tell her that you are going to meet a guy today and I have appeared to him in a dream and told him that a lady with a tattoo “Jesus is Lord” will come to him and preach the Gospel? Hey, of course God can do anything but the why is important. May our whys always point to loving God. Whatever you do – DO NOT BE DECEIVED and never accept any mark from Satan on your flesh.

Image Credit: sveinnbirkir cc