That’s right, you heard correctly, it is nature’s healer. Real food. You are probably asking yourself, “What is she talking about? I eat real food.” This is where I challenge you. The description of food has been changing over the years. An online dictionary describes food as “any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk or otherwise taken into the body to otherwise sustain life, provide energy and promote growth. ” The operative word here is “nourishing”.

I grew up in a home where my grandmother prepared most of the meals. Everyday we were served a hot meal made with the freshest ingredients.

She raised her own chickens and ducks for a short time. We ate organic eggs straight from our yard. She made her own bread, cakes. My grandmother was a fabulous cook and we all knew it. She wasn’t well versed in nutrition but she knew the advantages of eating at home even if it was for economic reasons. She must have known what she was doing since she later died at ninety-nine and a half, not from disease but from a fall from which she just could not recover. I am not telling you she never got sick because she did on several occasions. I saw my grandmother reverse arthritis, diabetes, heal her shingles. Eugenia, which was her name, used the Genesis Approach. She ate of every tree and herb not only for nutrition but to heal whatever plagued her.

Everyday vegetables and greens were not only eaten but brewed to make suspensions to cure most everything we had as children growing up.

Today, we have strayed so far from those truths. We eat more foods prepared by strangers than nutrition bonded with love that heals and warms the heart.

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Healthy vegetables

As children growing up, we ate fast food once a month! We get confused about the origins of disease when it really comes to us by our own hands.

Here are some helpful tips to stay on top of your health:

  1. Eat foods you have prepared, at least four times a week. I know how busy life can get. I am a wife, mother and business owner but I also know if I eat what I cook I control what goes in the pot.
  2. Eat organic how ever possible. If not organic at least eat fresh. Why organic? You don’t get all the dreaded chemical in your food supply. You get to eliminate GMO ( genetically modified organisms ) which can interfere and re-write your DNA and lead to disease.
  3. Get more vegetables in your diet preferably raw. They are packed with nutrition and they are great healers.
  4. Limit your animal protein intake. You need to know what goes into your meats. You would be horrified to find out what you delightfully put on your plate. It isn’t what you think.
  5. If you have to eat out then, please, question what and where you eat. There is so much for me to say on this and I will tackle this subject on another post but you do have the right to ask questions. Street foods are bad. Restaurants, in some cases, are not much better so educate yourself.

I don’t know if The Lord will tarry long enough for me to live to my grandmother’s ripe old age but I do know I would like to have the ability to not have disease in my body and if per chance, I can use nutrition to turn it all around.

I wish you wellness and strength, until next time…

Image Credit: Unsplash/Luke Michael
Image Credit: shutterstock/Efired