Living in the world and of the world, as a young adult seemed like an acceptable decision to me. I grew up in religion but I never really understood or experienced God’s presence nor did I know how to seek Him. I actually resented other Christians and viewed them as fanatics. I would simply be present in church because it was the expected thing to do. I thought that I had time, time to live life and have my heart’s desire of pleasures of the world. I know this is a fallacy that most young people have today; they seek God only during a crisis and maybe later in their golden years, they truly accept Him and live a life according to His will.

I was one of those and after having several small crisis situations; I would turn back to my old ways. This was until about 2 years ago when my life had turned for the worse. I lived a completely worldly life and accepted it as my fate. I held my accomplishments as a result of my own ability, with no dependence upon God – a classic “Type A’ personality”. I now know this was foolish pride in my own abilities and myself.

In my profession, my physical and mental health are an important aspect that I need to maintain in order to perform my job skill.

I had counted my accomplishments and attributed them to personal skill and ability. Although I may have thanked God for it, I never really meant it. To me, it was the cliché saying or thing to do. Depending upon the flesh and denying God’s input in my accomplishments was such a prideful and dangerous thing. I understand that I had removed myself from His covering and was now open to the attacks of the enemy.

On a routine day at work, I was returning to land at the airport and I felt an awkward cold-sweating feeling as I turned unto the final approach for the runway. As a pilot I knew something was terribly wrong and could eventually snowball to a bigger safety issue if I let it. I quickly gave control over to the captain and soon after, I lost consciousness. It was God’s grace upon my life that I was not flying alone. I believe that this is what saved my life. It was a direct attempt to destroy me by Satan. Not only was there a passenger in the aircraft but I was also over a densely populated area.

Standard procedure required that with any medical issues, I was to immediately have a medical checkup done. Mine was fine and so I was referred for several additional tests in order to dig deeper. This was the first time this ever occurred and I had no family history of losing consciousness. Most of my colleagues were wary of my ability to ever return to a cockpit and I myself was doubtful if I would ever regain medical clearance. This was something that I could not control; I had no hope but to let the medical doctors decide the outcome of my professional career. Despite my hopeful intentions, the doctors found nothing, which was even worse.

A pilot losing consciousness is like the kid in the day-care with the flu. No one will play with him and you get shunned from the other kids.

A pilot usually never gets medical clearance to continue flying in this situation. It was a severe blow for me, especially after several years of studying and sacrificing to get where I was. For several months I became severely depressed and it affected my family life, my professional life and additional unfair pressures at work seemed to be too overwhelming. I knew that the enemy wanted me to accept death and defeat.

Thanks to the love and direction of some close Christian friends, they helped me to open up to God and try Him. Literally, to really surrender to Him, with no return. I understood what it meant but I never really understood how to accomplish it on my own.

I understand now that it is impossible to do that but only with God’s incorruptible seed in our hearts can we overcome our faults. It cannot be by our own weak abilities.

Later that week, I sat in my room in the evening and cried unto God to reveal Himself to me and I promised that I would lay my life down for Him as an example and sacrifice everything else. I knew that I had many idols in my life, not physical idol statues but things that I had always put before God. I honestly wanted God to answer my prayer concerning my medical issue but more importantly, I wanted to know Him more, regardless of the outcome. I understood that God’s will for my life was the most important thing. What troubled me was; How was I to know what was His will was?

Eventually, the overall results of my medical tests proved I had lost consciousness due to severe dehydration. After nutrition counseling, a change in diet, higher fluids intake and eating properly, I finally regained a provisional clearance and finally an unrestricted one. This was after visiting (14) fourteen doctors. I believe God’s hand intervened in my life again, and by His grace I was restored. If He did this for me, what would He not do for me His son? Even though I ignored Him and lived a sinful lifestyle, He still waited until that day when I would eventually come to accept Him.

Now reading this you may think “OK, no big deal, we all have had crises and God has intervened. “Well my intention is to really offer my testimony to you as a witness. A great success story, planned appointment, great job or healing means nothing if we don’t understand what really happened and see God’s miraculous grace. We can now use our grace period to do something, anything for His kingdom. For me knowing this and saying nothing is a travesty. Returning to a life in the world and of the world is even worse. I urge you guys, beyond seeking miracles from the Lord that we seek Him, firstly. I wanted to share so many supporting scripture verses but I’m sure just Mat 6 :33 will suffice.

 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I wanted to overanalyze it all, hoping to realize some complex purpose in God’s will for me. But sometimes God’s will for us, is simply “To Seek Him”. A simple and beautiful thing.

by G.C. Helicopter Pilot

Image Credit: Lofting