Have you ever been cheated on? Dumped? Rejected? Abused? Or lost someone close to you? Life can really bring situations that can hurt and challenge our love and in those situations you might sincerely feel that no one can understand or relate to you in such pain. (Heb 4:14-16)

Jesus at the Cross endured every type of pain that was possible, both physically and emotionally, yet He kept silent as it all happened. But He could not keep silent for much longer as He cried out to the heavens, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” For the first time in history, Jesus was separated from His Father as He took upon Himself the punishment for our sins.

How? Why? I do not think I would ever understand the love that God has toward us.

If you were in love with someone, you would always want that person around; just the very thought of being away from them would be too much to bear. Well the Darling of Heaven was separated from His loving Father, so that we would be accepted in Christ forever. He was willing to trade His life for the people He created from dust. Like I said, I could never understand the love that God has toward His creation.

What I do know is that God can relate to every situation that goes on in our lives; not only can He relate, He can forgive and heal a broken heart.

He was tempted, forsaken by the people who loved Him, rejected by his own family, and He was abused on the Cross with whips and nails. He did all of this for you and I that we would experience His love.

The number one reason why your heart might be broken is because you are missing the love of Jesus in your life; you can try and try many different things to fulfill this desire that is deep in your heart, but until you repent of your sins and come to Jesus, you will always be empty and missing love.

Close your eyes and open your heart, simply ask Jesus to come in, call upon Him and experience His unending love.

Image Credit: shutterstock/Africa studio