Over the years, I have seen many miracles and healings that have originated from a word of knowledge. Here are a few:

A certain person came up for prayer. While praying I asked, “Do you have a desire to work in Europe?” The person said, “Yes, actually I want to go to Germany.” I said, “Ok, that’s great but I am seeing a door open to the U.K.” We prayed a while for the Lord’s will to be done. She left and the very next morning got 2 job offers from the U.K.

I was ministering to another lady and when I finished, God told me, “Tell her that she has lost a loved one before time but it is okay.” I finally built up enough courage and told her. She came back after the service and said, “Pastor, my daughter died.” She had so many questions but in one moment God spoke and said, “it is okay.” God ministered deeply to her and she rejoiced in the Lord.

A lady came up for prayer for her arm because she couldn’t lift her arm.

I laid hands on her shoulder and quickly rebuked the infirmity and stiffness. However, while praying I saw something looking like a wooden stake stuck into her side – well there wasn’t anything physically there but I just felt there was. So I thought to myself, “What was that, was it my imagination?” Anyway, I said to myself I might as well pull it out, so I pulled it by faith (feeling like a fool here – lol). Well, she began to move her arm and was rejoicing. One month later, she came back holding a child in the arm. I said, “Awesome so you were healed, your arm was healed!” She said, “Pastor, it was my kidneys, the doctors removed one and the other one was giving trouble.” I remembered the “wooden stake.”

she was completely healed.

In a certain place there was a youth meeting, I came late and looked around for new people (I loved to pray for new people, I almost always minister to them). There was the dude sitting in the back. So I asked the Lord do you have anything for him. I began to see this bullet going through the air and go through his knee. Well I laughed to myself and thought in this room of a little over 60 people what are the odds of that. I really put it out of my mind. Well later that night, as I was sharing at the end of the service (I wasn’t the preacher), I said, “Is there anyone here to whom metal and bones mean something to you?”

Words of knowledge
God has a word for you

Hey, I wasn’t going to make out the dude’s scene. Well he didn’t respond. So I thought, well good thing I was vague. I asked the Lord to give me more. So I said, “You went to a beach with your mother and let something out on the water and since that day your life has been in turmoil.” Well he got up slowly and left. I thought well, I guess it is not him. Well, he just went outside and came to me after the service. He said Pastor I was shot and I have a bullet in my knee. He wondered if the person who brought him shared his situation before hand, but then he said no one could know about the beach with the lady, and he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Now if we continue, it will be days of writing.

God wants to use you to connect people to the Father’s will.

God has a word from Heaven to the human heart.

He is looking for vessels that will have an ear to hear what the Spirit says. Why not simply ask, “Father is there anything you want to tell someone around me?” Just ask. Then speak, it might seem silly but speak – you can ask a question. Do you need prayer with this? Or is this something important to you?

God speaks in many ways, your thoughts, imagination, dreams, through a plant, a rock….. we can’t put God in a box. We must listen and look for His voice. Often when God speaks, I think it is my thoughts or I am arguing with myself. I can’t tell you how many times I spoke something out of arguing with God to prove that He was wrong. I remember watching a lady with a wedding ring, God told me she is not married and I said she is married, God said no! I said yes. Finally, I said I will prove it to you God – “Ma’am are you married?” she said No. I asked, “but what about your ring?” She said, “I am a nun.” Lol.

When I am praying for someone, I often hear like this person. God sometimes shows me someone I know whose situation relates to them – it causes a rapid download and understanding of the person’s situation.

Here are some steps (because we like steps)

  1. Ask God
  2. Listen – a feeling, a word, a picture, a memory, a thought, no limits
  3. Speak

Have fun, God is speaking, Jesus is the Word of God. The Word has something to say so speak His Word. A word from God is greater than any obstacle, problem or circumstance – because we believe, we speak.

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