Even in this season of extra goodwill and sharing, know that only you can make yourself happy. Happiness is based on happenings and happiness is a choice to see the positive in situations and people. (Joy is something completely different which I may share on at another time.)

My husband always says that it takes very little to make me happy.

I will share with you one of my secrets…When I realized that all I deserved was death due to my sins and instead Jesus suffered so I could have life, I see everything else in my life as langnippe…a gift. My friend didn’t have to visit, my husband didn’t have to say he loves me, you didn’t have to smile at me, you didn’t have to remember my birthday, my parents didn’t have to love me, my siblings didn’t have to be there for me, you didn’t have to buy that gift for me…I’m so so grateful these things happen because none of these people had to do what he/she did.

But, even if they didn’t happen, I should be dead…separated from God but instead I got LIFE…rich relationship with God…it happened so I’m happy.

Things don’t always go the way I like, there is pain, there is struggle and disappointment at times, but I have real life in Christ.

Some keys to happiness:

  • Accept God’s love
  • Accept yourself, you are priceless
  • Accept others (though they may not be as “kind and smart” as you but….)
  • Be thankful/Be grateful (realistically, no one has to do anything for you, he/she chooses to). We thank our parents for loving us when they do, don’t  we…Why???
  • Acknowledge and do the simple wholesome things that brings happiness to your life no matter how stupid it seems to others…one of mine is a hot cup of   Milo, don’t give me coffee, give me Milo
  • Find little ways to make others happy
  • Smile…smile
  • Understand what you really have control over and what you don’t and take control where you can. You have control over     your attitude…if you don’t please get help.
  • Encourage others
  • Know that “Everybody is normal until you meet them”
  • Remember that life is unfair for everyone
  • Say “No” to self-pity
  • Get some sleep
  • Have a few “crazy” friends
  • Don’t stay down…Bounce back with God’s help


Image Credit: Shutterstock