The Bride of Christ is going to be adorned with great glory. Glory is the realm of God’s infinite possibilities. In this final hour, this statement will become so meaningful and will no longer be a cliché – “Man is the Glory of God”. No man ever thought of walking on water until we saw Jesus. What an invitation is given to men and women everywhere – Come! An invitation not only to see Glory, but to enter His glory and become the glory of God.

The best is yet to come
It is going to get better

An accelerated glory, from glory to glory. Many tormented by sexual addictions for many years are going to be set free by just walking into Champion Dynamics. Deafness and dumbness will lose its glory in the glory of God, a surpassing and overpowering glory. God wants to heal physical eyes at Champion. So says the Spirit of God – you are at the door of Glory, Come! My Church, come! I have prepared this Church for this hour.

I see a new ministry of “seeing” being birthed that will release imitators of God.

Just like a son mimics his father, so you too will walk on water, says the Lord. I will expose those who say they have seen and have seen nothing, says the Lord. These are days of great glory and wonder. God’s Kingdom advances through glory. Skin diseases, kidneys, hair loss, cancers of all sort, surpassed and healed; supernatural finances released.

I hear a question – who wants to see? The “seers” are going to see great and mighty things. Do you want to see? I will answer, I will answer, I will answer! I will answer with glory!

Fear not says the Lord, in your time of persecution and great persecution, you shall see my Glory. There is nothing to fear.

There is great joy in Heaven, the Father has kept the best for last. So I declare in the name of Jesus Christ, as I feel the Spirit of God in me. In that time before the Great Wedding Feast, it shall be said again – you have kept the best wine for last. I have done this to reveal my glory and all the world will know that it is my Glory. They have served their best but now it is My turn, says the Lord! Oh my Chosen, my Beloved – I have kept the best for last. Be greatly encouraged.

So says Your Father – who wants to see? I have one requirement – you must do whatever I tell you. I will send you – they shall say the wine has run out, but you shall prophesy to empty jars – Be filled! The Master will soon call the bridegroom aside. Let your jars be filled, that when I come you will not be empty, says the Lord. The hour is here – be filled! I have saved the best for last! Ya aint seen nothing yet!

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