The first sin God judged in the early Church was lying to the Holy Spirit. Deep down in your heart the Holy Spirit is speaking to you revealing sin and revealing God’s love and calling you to repentance that you may experience oneness with God.

You may be surrounded by false teachers, false preachers and many voices that tell you sin is not a big deal but because God loves you, He has given you His Spirit.

Jesus says, “My sheep hear My Voice…”

Ananias and Sapphira concocted a plan but they planned their own destruction. They walked into the Church with sin in their hearts, yet God did not kill them, yet God did not destroy them. Ananias fellowshipped, maybe even worshipped and sang some songs with his brothers and sisters. Finally, there was offering time in the Church – this was their undoing.

Peter discerned in his spirit that something was wrong after Ananias give a large offering. Many preachers today would be celebrating Ananias and his large offering but Peter was more concerned about what was going on in Ananias’ heart. Peter asked Ananias how much he sold the property for and Ananias lied instead of repenting. This wasn’t a casual lie that he told in a moment but a lie that both Ananias and Sapphira had pre-mediated.

Satan had filled Ananias’ heart and God judged Ananias for lying to the Holy Spirit.

I find it interesting that God did not judge him for keeping back part of the money, God didn’t even judge him for being deceptive. God judged Ananias and Sapphira for lying to the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit spoke to them to reveal sin in their hearts, they lied instead of repenting.

Satan had filled Ananias’ heart through the love of money and pride.

Whatever life brings, deep down in our hearts the Holy Spirit is speaking. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? He wants you to know that God loves you and He wants you to turn from sin so that you can experience God’s love. Anytime Satan fills a man’s heart, he will lie to the Holy Spirit and concoct a plan to cover his sins. This is what the Bible means by all liars shall have their place in Hell.

Judgment begins at the House of God

Many of the doctrines that people believe today are nothing more than concocted plans to hide sins and to lie to the Holy Spirit. Why not start with God’s Spirit, allow Him to lead and direct your life into righteousness.

There is no need to hide in sin when God loves you.

Trust God that life will look better with Him.

Don’t lie to the Holy Spirit but trust that God loves you and the blood of Jesus is sufficient to cleanse you from all sin. Never cover your sins through a doctrine, a preacher, a religion, a philosophy or an excuse because we will one day find out that these were all lies to the deep witness of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Don’t let Satan fill your heart through false doctrines and beliefs that disguise sin but allow the Holy Spirit to lead your heart into God’s love.

Image Credit: Unsplash/Stefan Kunze
Image Credit: MLazarevski cc