There are people who go through life looking for acceptance and affirmation from men. This proves to be emotionally draining and most times, a futile quest. We were born to love and be loved. It’s devastating when the very people who are supposed to love us the most, reject us the most.

The good news is:

God the Father, the maker of the universe, has adopted you, made you his own, a joint heir with His only son, Jesus. These are not mere words spoken from an ancient book, this is reality. God has made a way through His son Jesus, for all of us to be His sons and daughters.

Don’t believe the lies of satan. He wants us to believe that God relates to us like man. He will never reject us. As a good father, He knows that we need companionship. That’s why He gave us His Spirit to be with us always. God with us and in us.

Trust the Spirit of God within you, that He will fulfill your desires in life.

Don’t you believe that God knows you are longing for love and companionship?

The blessings of God don’t add sorrow to your life. This is how you can tell if something is from God or not. God’s way will lead to freedom and blessings, not bondage, sorrow and confusion. The very God that we run from and reject at times, is the One with all the answers that we are in search of. It is a true saying that everything you need can be found in Christ. Only believe and trust in His holy ways.

Image Credit: Flikcr