Have you lost your way? Does it seem like at one time there was a bright light, but now only darkness? You have lost the tenderness of heart, as if a dark night has come to stay. Once you felt your every prayer invaded Heaven but now you see no use in praying. You can’t remember when last you felt God’s presence. You don’t know how to get back on track – you are lost.

Yet your sins have left a trail that few will dare to follow.

I see a figure in the darkness, a skilled tracker, He is persistent and consistent. He has never lost a traveler, no forest is thick enough, no darkness is black enough – He will find you.

Maybe you feel surrounded by the darkness, wolves have gathered, the growls and snarling teeth have become your companions. Yet I see the silhouette of a man with a rod in His Hand. Carefully he follows your tracks, searching diligently and undeterred.

He will find you.

In my darkest hour, I see a hand stretched out to me. A hand I once knew so well, a nail-pierced hand. I am too weak to reach out to Him. Now, I am lifted up and exalted. Tenderness and comfort are my friends. I see the trail of my sins pass quickly before me yet I rest in His embrace.

I see beautiful green grass, still waters I once knew. I am greeted with dignity and honour by my peers. I am overwhelmed by His blessings. I search for my seeker. On the hill, He watches with eyes of an eagle, clothed in strength, He knows no fear. I now know no enemy, my eyes seek none for He watches. To the hills, will I always look. He never slumbers or sleeps. Who is this man? He is the Lord, my Shepherd.

 Image Credit:Shutterstock