Peter walked on water – oh man! Wow! Peter took his eyes off Jesus and placed it on his situation or circumstances and began to sink. Have you ever been through a situation where you concluded that you were the problem? Have you ever been your own situation?

Only when we stop blaming others and confess – “I AM THE PROBLEM” – can we now take our eyes off of ourselves and place them on Jesus. If I am the problem, then I am not the solution – this is the end of self righteousness. As you place your eyes on Wonderful Jesus, He will change you into everything you see by His glory. I am righteous because He is righteous, I am Holy because He is Holy.

Just when the world told me I was mad, it got crazy – this WONDERFUL JESUS came to live in me!

Before, when I looked in the mirror, I would see disappointment personified.

Now I see WONDERFUL JESUS changing me by His Glory. Christ in me is the Hope of Glory.

I have had many expectations in life and have hoped for many things – but there is this one thing I never expected. I am filled with tears as I write this – Jesus, I never expected this – You will come into all this mess and love me in this kinda of way. Far beyond my expectations – Jesus, you came to live in me. WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL JESUS is in me!

Ha! Tell the world! Laugh in the devil’s face! Find a mountain top and shout! Jesus is in me, religion is dead, swallowed up by love.

When I received Jesus publicly, I was in attendance at a funeral, I cried and I cried. It felt bad crying in a funeral when it was tears of joy. It felt as if my heart was beating for the first time – something deep in me was crying out. It was as if in that moment, every cell in my body came alive.

I remember when I bought my new car – I buffed, polished and shined that car to kingdom come. I wanted to hug it, and probably did. However after a couple of weeks, I left it out in the rain to die – somehow it lost its glory. That’s the thing about this life, there are many things to get excited about, however this world is filled with fading glories.

It doesn’t mean that you are the source of glory, but rather that His face has shined upon you!

There is one glory that I have found. Twenty-three years later, it has not faded. In fact, it shines brighter than the day I first saw Him. I have never had to buff or polish this glory. Jesus Christ is indeed the King of Glory. What a crazy thing for God to say, “Man is the glory of God!” I never understood that statement until this King of Glory came to live in me. I am the glory of God??? I know you need a Bible verse here: 1 Corinthians 11:7. Just soak ppl…just soak…feel free to be confused… confusion turns to wonder…..dare to believe and say it, “I am the image and the glory of God” – What kinda madness is that?! – It is called mad, infinitely crazy love.

Jesus is so charming and filled with compliments – awesome beyond description – His ways, His style, His plans, His love. It is in the purity of His love that I rediscovered my innocence. My cheeks are red, I blush again, like a child in the arms of Beauty. And to whom shall we compare to our God? Look, get off the scale – it has been forever tipped. This is my God – who is yours?

Image Credit: Massimo Valiani cc