As a believer in Christ I can tell you one of the hardest things to believe in at times is that we are Complete in Jesus Christ. Sometimes I see my flaws, my failures, my insecurities and even the good things about me but then I am quickly reminded by my Father that I have been made right by the power of His risen son, Jesus Christ. Because God is just, perfect and holy we as fallen humans tend to see love as something that needs to be attained.

Deep in our hearts we know perfect, pure and complete love could never be produced through sin and uncleanness. So we often try to live good to receive or keep love. Before our very own eyes nature teaches us that when we plant an apple seed into the ground the result we get is an apple tree.

This is something that God has put in place, that what ever seed is planted is the very fruit it would produce. For this same reason Jesus didn’t come by the seed of a man, He came by the power of the Holy Spirit. We witnessed and experienced pure, perfect and righteous love for the first time, from the only person who could offer such a love, God in the flesh.

In Christ we have been born by this new and perfect love, by His seed of righteousness.

Yet, the apostle John when writing to the church didn’t say “as Jesus was in this world so are we”. I mean that is awesome that even I would settle for. But the same John that walked with Jesus, who saw Him after His resurrection and later was caught up in the Spirit to write the Book of Revelations; went far as to say “as He(Jesus) is, so are we in this world(1 John 4:17)“. AWESOMENESS! Can I get a Hallelujah…lol

Just as complete, just as perfect, just as holy, just as righteous, just as loved by God… just as Jesus is in HEAVEN so are all His children right now upon this earth. I mean if that isn’t perfect love, then I don’t know what is.

It’s time to stop listening to what this world says about you, it’s time to stop looking at your life according to the flesh.

Why not picture Jesus in heaven saturated by the Fathers love, then see His love flowing all over you. This is the new life Jesus has given us. A life free from the power of sin, a life that has been forgiven, a life that has been made complete by the Fathers love and it all dwells deep within us. It’s the seed of Christ, a new birth that looks just like Jesus.

I encourage you to cast off the lies of satan by reading the bible for yourself and believing how the Father has loved you in ALL heavenly places in Christ Jesus. As you read His word, you will realize God isn’t trying to tell you that you need to become righteous by living good, but rather He has made you righteous so live like you’ve been loved. His word is complete and you have been made complete in Him, the living Word of God, Jesus Christ.

Image Credit: Depositphoto