Don’t ever assume that because you received a prophecy, you can sit back and it will come to pass. Paul tells Timothy to fight a good warfare with the prophecies he received. Prophecies reveal God’s desires for us, however, we must step into God’s will by faith.

The Greek word that is used for “receive” in the Bible is the word “Lambano”, it is not a passive word but ACTIVE. It means to lay hold of something, bring it to yourself and claim it as MINE!

Several years back, I laid hands on a girl and prophesied that Jesus would visit her that very night. Well sure enough, Jesus visited her, but with a message for me. Jesus politely asked her to deliver a message, “Could you tell Kirwin that he will have the money he needs by the end of the year”.

I was overjoyed, but months passed and no dinero was flowing. Finally, it was November, so, I asked God if He had really spoken, if it was Him and if I could really expect the money I needed by the end of the year – hey it was already November. God responded to me and asked – Do you believe this?! Finally, I said – I WILL ACT IN FAITH.

What happened next stands out as INCREDIBLE in my life.

In the next 7 days, I received over 1 MILLION DOLLARS!

I have since blown that money like a trumpet but he is the same GOD. Who is ready for God’s next miracle? Has God spoken to you? Do you believe? Get out of the boat and get ready to see WONDERS! Most miracles are activated by one STEP OF FAITH. We don’t step out on a feeling, an idea or assumptions but rather the LIVING WORD of GOD. Peter found out that YOU CAN STAND ON GOD’S WORD. If you have a WORD, you have the ground for a MIRACLE!

Image Credit:shutterstock/Hriana